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Wholesale - Wig, Hair Pieces and Hair Websites hard to find, hard to use - Getting the  basics in

Wig, Hair Pieces and Hair suppliers such as manufactures, distributors and wholesalers have been quite hard to find and, in some cases,  even impossible to find even on the internet. One of the main reasons  is that the industry sells to licensed retailers at wholesale pricing and they want to avoid being contacted by consumers who want to buy directly from them - which reputable wholesalers do not do. In addition when you do find the supplier - at times, they don't have a website.

Until the introduction of the WIG & HAIR GOODS INDUSTRY DIRECTORY of Manufacturers, Distributors & Wholesalers many retailers searching for suppliers have in the past spent weeks or even months trying to locate suppliers. When they finally find them, and find a website,  it is sometimes almost impossible to extract the information they need from the website to determine if they want to do business with the supplier.

Now of course it's a breeze with the directory which contains over 150 manufactures of over 500 brands in an easy to find everything format. The directory has tons of additional information about the suppliers AND everything one needs to determine if they want to do business with a particular supplier and get catalogs and wholesale price lists. The problem is now solved. There is a small fee for the directory which keeps consumers from getting their hands on the information but allows wig and hair industry retailers easy access. 

Ok, that problem has been solved. However, As a retailer looking for suppliers I still wonder why most supplier websites lack the basic information that is now contained in the directory. 95% just don't have it on their own websites.

What hair goods retailers need to see on your websites is:

  • Photo's of your products and good descriptions.
  • A page that tells what products you carry, if its wigs what brands are they Ethnic,  Kosher, Lace, products are they Men's Toupees, Hair Replacement, Costume wigs or other. hair pieces, 
  • What type of cap are available:  hand-tied top, monofilament, polyurethane, Adjustable Velcro Tabs , Stretch ribbon, etc.
  • Do you sell Hair,  Hair Accessories, Hair ExtensionsWhat type of hair - Synthetic, Human hair, Remy, Indian, European? 
  • Do you sell supplies or offer training. etc.  

Most suppliers do fairly well with all of the above but some do a very poor job even with the product line leaving the retailer confused or wondering  -  what do they really sell.

Where many suppliers really seem to do a poor job in general is giving the potential customer enough information to make a decision about them as a company thus leaving the customer confused about the companies credentials. Are they a solid company or are they fly by night. Can I trust them in other words. A retailer that has never done business with the company just doesn't know if the company is solid.

  • Every wholesale website should have an about us page. Which gives solid information about the company and their background. This should include
  • how long you have been in business,
  • Where you sell your products -  Internationally or just a specific region.

This same page or another page should have information about:

  • Purchasing wholesale. 
  • Who you sell to -  If they client base is only beauty supply stores then why have wig stores west their time and your time contacting you. 
  • Do you sell retail? Most don't and telling the consumer that keeps them from wasting your time. 
  • What your licensing requirements are to purchase. Most all wholesalers in the US require a business license and some require more.
  • What the minimum purchase requirements are. Does the customer only need to by one product or a minimum of $50 of do they need to buy 50 products or spend $2000 dollars to start with.
  • If you give additional discounts above regular wholesale under certain circumstance. - Quantity discounts available. 
  • Is their a minimum monthly/annual etc.  purchase required to be able to continue buying wholesale?
  • Do you drop ship? - How much does that cost?
  • How does a customer pay for your products? Cash, Credit card  etc.

Your contact us page should have

  • The company name and address including zip code.
  • Your phone numbers and fax numbers including toll free #s
  • Your Business hours  
  • Who the customer should contact - even if you say contact sales
  • All your website addresses and email addresses the prospective and current customer may need. .
  • Link to where a customer can download or order catalogs and log in to their account if applicable.
  • Other important information customers may want is
  • You return or exchange policies.

If you expect customers to do business with your you need to give them enough information to make an intelligent decision when visiting your website. Even though it is all available now in the Industry Directory it should still be on every website for customer convenience and for the  customers that found you without using the directory.